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The services below best represents our typical design process, taking the project from the very early stages of informal discussions in our studio, to a fully realised and constructed landscape that can be enjoyed and lived in.


For further information, please contact us here, and tell us a little bit more about your project.

//   Consultation

We like to meet you in the studio first, so that we can get to know one another: we want and encourage our clients to be involved in the design process. This typically means understanding your background, the requirements for the landscape, and the styles that resonate most deeply with you. 


Following our first meeting, we visit the property and undertake a site study which will usually include an analysis of the climate and microclimates, the orientation of the building and opportunities for planting and alignment of views/axis accordingly, the topography of the site, drainage considerations, a soil analysis, a survey of existing vegetation, and appropriate research into relevant local planning requirements.

With all of that information in-hand, we can then prepare a brief and a style/mood board, which will together underpin the direction for the concept design.

//   Concept

We will prepare a concept design based on the brief. This will usually be presented as an aerial plan with the proposed layout and sketch details for key features in the landscape. To enable you to visualise the completed garden, we can also prepare 3D photorealistic renders, and/or a walk-through video if required.

//   Detailed Drawings

Following agreement on the concept, we will prepare a full set of working drawings. This includes a dimensioned site layout; a complete specification for the hard finishes, lighting, furniture and pots; construction details for all built elements; elevations and cross sections, and a scaled and fully detailed planting plan.

//   Installation/Project Management

If you are located in the Great Southern region in WA, we will install your garden for you. We will prepare a quote in accordance with your original budget based on the detail in the final drawing set, and upon approval of the quote, contract directly with you for the garden installation. We are fully insured and take great pride in our workmanship to ensure that your dream landscape is realised to the highest standard.


If you are located outside of the Great Southern, we will project manage the installation, which includes tendering the works locally, appointing a contractor, and acting as superintendent through the installation process until completion and handover.

Wherever you’re located, we are there every step of the way to ensure that the work is being carried out in complete accordance with the design. We handle the negotiations with tradesmen and contractors, taking the pressure off you and giving you peace of mind that your landscape installation is in the right hands.

//   Ongoing Management 

The maintenance aspect of your finished garden may be something you wish to take on yourself, or you may wish to use a garden maintenance contractor. We can assist in sourcing a reliable contractor if required. Importantly, we maintain a close relationship with our clients beyond the completion of the project, ensuring that any requisite information and advice is provided into the future.

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