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LWP Springdale Beach

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Denmark, WA


LWP Springdale




2021 - 2023


Springdale Beach is an intimate rural estate with hinterland views and close proximity to the town centre of Denmark, WA. It has beach access to the stunning Wilson Inlet, as well as being linked to the heritage trail which leads directly into the town centre.

The brief was to design a playground and community space for residents of the estate, catering for a diverse and evolving demographic, and embedding the natural values of the site into the project, helping to establish a strong sense of place.

The design for the community use and public open space seeks to create a multifunctional, multi-age, recreational precinct with a diversity of play spaces linked by a path network.


Amenities include a basketball court, a nature playground with a variety of activities, a pavilion with undercover barbeque facilities, picnic tables and seating nodes scattered throughout the landscaped areas, and new car parking. 

The pavilion is a local meeting place and allows for close surveillance over the playground. The existing drainage swale will be reconstructed with check dams and endemic vegetation to slow the conveyance of stormwater into the adjacent creek. A bridge spanning the swale will link the two broader parts of the park and provide a link for maintenance.

Native plantings of eucalyptus and heavily flowering native Australian species amongst locally sourced mass granite boulder features will provide a soft and sustainable aesthetic with low water requirements. The retention of natural remnant vegetation will include the two substantial stands of Nuytsia floribunda.

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